Ridwan Bhuiyan

Ridwan Bhuiyan

Undergraduate Student

B.S.F.R, Water and Soil Resources

Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources

University of Georgia


Student Contractor

U.S Army Corps of Engineers

Environmental Laboratory




I am an undergraduate student graduating in May 2015, with a bachelor of science in forest resources. My major of study is Water and Soil Resources. I am passionate about water resource management on a global scale. I am interested in developing and applying strategies for minimal impact water use for cities and growing urban sectors. I believe it is possible and essential to breakdown the wild-urban-land interface by incorporating a philosophy of harmonic existence with natural resources.


Download my CV here (pdf).




The focus of my work with the U.S Army Corps of Engineers is to assist in the development of a monetary cost-benefit analysis for dam removal. My current projects include developing a national dam removal cost database, establishing a relationship between variables associated with removal costs, and applying our analysis within a dam removal prioritization tool.




Email: ridwanb �at� uga.edu

Mobile Phone: 706-254-8076